In the forest of Siberia

Director :

Safy Nebbou

Cast :

Raphael Personnaz

Genre :


Running Time :

105 min

Rating :


Version :


Audio & Subs :

French, Russian, English with English subtitles

Airline Release Date :

As of February 2017

Rights :

Worldwide exc. : France

Teddy decided to avoid a too superficial life and to go searching for a new breath, far from everything. He returns on the lake Baikal (Siberia) in the middle of winter. Alone, in a hut on the banks of the lake, he tries to find itself. One night, lost in the blizzard and ready to die, he is helped by Aleksei, a Russian hidden in the forest.
A magnificent story of friendship is going to rise between two men that everything should oppose.
Based on the true story of Sylvain Tesson , French writter and traveller, who spent 6 months alone in the forest of Siberia.