El kotbia

Director :

Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba

Cast :

Henri Sabri, Ahmed El Haffiene, Martine Gafsi

Genre :


Running Time :

103 min

Rating :


Version :


Audio & Subs :

Tunisian with English subtitles

Airline Release Date :

As of September 2016

Rights :


After a Paris love affair, Jamil returns to Tunis to work in Tarek’s bookstore. Leila, Tarek’s wife enlivens the business with her Arabian songs and her sensous appearance. She dreams of a professional singing career. Her mother Aicha misses her husband … The four characters are balancing between their cherished pasts and the longings and their futures. It is not a series of dramatic events, but the everyday ups and downs that make the theme of a minimalist film universally recognizable.