Director :

Silvio Soldini

Cast :

Valeria Golino, Adriano Giannini, Arianna Scommegna

Genre :

Drama, Romance

Running Time :

115 min

Rating :


Version :


Audio & Subs :

Italian with English subtitles

Airline Release Date :

As of July 2018

Rights :

Worldwide exc. : Italy, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand

Teo is a creative in a trendy ad agency. Nice and charming he enjoys life as an elusive womanizer. Emma is blind since the age of 16 but that has not stopped herfrom becoming an osteopath. She is pretty, vibrant and has great friends. When they first meet, Teo is mesmerized by her sexy voice. Intrigued and attracted by her as he has never been with a blind woman, he takes her on a date. Emma is too smart and sharp to give into the illusion but against all odds it’s Teo who is hooked.