A Cat's Life

Director :

Guillaume Medatchevsky

Cast :

Capucine Sainson Fabresse, Corinne Masiero

Genre :


Running Time :

83 min

Rating :


Version :


Audio & Subs :

French with English subtitles

Airline Release Date :

As from October 2023

Rights :

Worldwide exc. : France

Clémence, a young girl and Rroû, her tabby kitty, leave Paris for the holidays. Arriving in the countryside, Rroû discovers freedom and nature, but also the dangers of life far from the city. During his wonders, Rroû meets Câline, a white kitten who soon becomes his friend, but also a lynx prowling in the woods. Rroû starts enjoying this wildlife. And while Clémence must return to Paris, Rroû will have to chose.

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