Number one

Director :

Zakia Tahiri

Cast :

Aziz Saadallah, Nezha Rahil, Khadija Assad, Chantal Ladesou

Genre :


Running Time :

86 min

Rating :


Version :


Audio & Subs :

Arabic with English subtitles

Airline Release Date :

As of August 2014

Rights :


Aziz is the manager of a clothing factory, which employs some fifty women whom Aziz terrorizez, just like he terrorizes his wife and his daughter.
One day, when Aziz must impress a client, a European woman, his wife discovers her husband can be quite a gentleman, a real Prince Charming …
She decides to cast a spell so this moment of happiness nevr ends. Aziz becomes a feminist… in spite of himself…
His life becomes a living hell…